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Our Story

It all started with a problem statement

Much like Inviz’s positioning,
our story started with a problem statement.

Back in 2019, a current client (acquaintance then), required eCommerce Search Optimisation integrated with artificial intelligence, such that endusers can find and discover retail products from their catalog with ease.

The client was finding it hard to identify a technology partner who can solve the complex business problem within the given time frame.

Finally they reached our founder, PK, who assembled a multi disciplinary team comprised of scientists, engineers, designers and analysts with the right domain knowledge. Once the problem was solved, the team realised that there were many such opportunities in the market for ML & AI services.

The Team became Inviz

The Team became Inviz.

Subsequently, we started getting more and more projects based on positive word of mouth exposure. We started scouting for individuals who are good at problem solving, and are skilled at various technologies, including ML & AI, IOT, etc. Gradually our team grew and now we are located in two countries, India and the United States.

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Our Values

Our values are a set of things that we are unwilling to compromise under any circumstances

  • Excellence in quality of solutions

    in quality of solutions

    At Inviz, we take pride in the quality of solutions we deliver. To us, quality comprises of two dimensions - time, and business value. We constantly strive to ensure that the best solutions are delivered in a timely fashion to ensure maximum business value.

  • Empathy for people and their problems

    for people & their problems

    We believe technology is a tool that solves human problems. We focus empathising with our client's business aspirations and pain points.This empathy is a key differentiator in navigating through various business problems and identifying suitable solutions.

  • Ethical interactions and engagements

    interactions & engagements

    Be it clients, employees or a random person, we believe in playing fair. While we are a for-profit organization, we are a set of individuals who believe in doing the right thing, even if it’s not financially prudent.

Our Identity

Our clients love us for the way we take a complex problem and find an elegant solution that delivers business value.

While we have a wide breath of experience in various technologies, we have developed niche expertise and experience in AI, ML, and cloud technology.

If you want to know more about how AI and ML can make your company better, or you want help with taking your business solutions to the cloud or discuss any complex problem that risks your business or stopping you from exploiting an opportunity, do give us a call.

Inviz Ai : Our Identity

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