After 2 Years of Foundational Setup, Inviz AI Entering Growth Phase

by Ashwin Chandrasekar, VP Program Management

on October 14, 2021, an AI solutions provider, works with companies to help them leverage cutting edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve some of their most challenging problems. Over the last two years, Inviz has gained multiple Fortune 500 companies, across the US, South America and India, as clients and are growing at more than 200% YOY, targeting a net revenue of more than $3 million this year. They have built a strong team of 70+ with niche capabilities in the fields of Machine Learning, AI, Advanced Analytics and Cloud Computing.

Two years ago, one of South America’s largest retailers, needed to develop an AI powered eCommerce search solution. The head of engineering of the company reached out to Priyabrata Kuanr, CEO of Inviz, to work on the project. Priyabrata had already solved similar problems during his time at Target and Adobe and was found to be the best fit for the job. Priyabrata assembled a team of experts to deliver the solution. This team would eventually become Inviz. “We started Inviz with the idea of making cutting edge AI solutions accessible across industries and companies of all sizes” said Priyabrata Kuanr. Based on the capabilities and quality of work, Inviz kept growing both horizontally in terms of capabilities and vertically in terms of number of customers, revenue and profits only through word of mouth.

Inviz is also building solution accelerators for retail, banking, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing sectors that will reduce the go-to-market time for their clients while also reducing the overall cost. “ The investments in these accelerators has gotten our clients very excited. We believe that this will be one of the key differentiators for us in the market” said Manish Shukla, Chief Technology Officer at Inviz.

“ The reason I joined Inviz was the culture of innovation, values and excellence. If you look at our workforce, there is a balance between people working on defined problem statements for our clients and others who do exploratory work to learn new technologies and methodologies. This when combined with the our collaborative culture, delivers key capabilities that are hard to replicate by our competitors in the market” said Ashwin Chandrasekar, Chief Customer Success and Growth Officer at Inviz. “ We put a lot of effort into developing individuals and maintaining culture at Inviz. I myself derive a lot of satisfaction from mentoring freshers and watching them grow” said Kannan Ranganathan, the Executive Director and Chief Product Officer

With a strong inclusive and nurturing culture, Inviz is looking to expand both in terms of capabilities and geographies. “ I am confident that the world will look very different in the next 1-2 decades. I believe that most businesses will actively embrace intelligence technologies to augment human capabilities. This directly translates into a huge opportunity for us” said Priyabrata Kuanr. With a total addressable market of more than $65 billion ( and growing ) Inviz is aiming to grow aggressively with expansions in the US market primarily and also European, South American and South East Asian markets. “Our primary strategy is to form key partnerships with large consulting companies to enable a better market reach, leaving us to focus on our core capabilities. We have already made progress in making partnerships with companies in the US, Chile etc.” said Kannan Ranganathan. Inviz is in advanced talks with multiple investors to raise investments to grow the team to meet the ever increasing demands, market its solutions to a wider audience, and build products that can reduce the total cost of ownership for our clients.

While Inviz is capable of delivering intelligence solutions to clients from various industries,their primary revenue stream is from the retail, and financial domains. Some of the use cases in these spaces include, use of computer vision to enhance product data, use of natural language processing techniques to identify threats, and use deep learning techniques to develop solutions that help companies achieve fast decision making capabilities. They are also developing various proof of concepts for health care, oil and gas and other verticals. Some of these use cases include, identifying the length of stay and possibility of mortality based on patients data, and identifying fertility of land areas based on images from drones.

“We,at Inviz, believe that we can solve any problem as long as significant data is available” said Ashwin Chandrasekar. “ You can actually see the curiosity and eagerness in the eyes of our team when we are given a problem. It's truly magical to be a part of a team with such talent and passion” said Manish Shukla.