Our Team

Our people are our strength and the most significant contributors to our success. Our culture of innovation, inspiration, and integrity flows throughout our organization. We operate in a dynamic industry that requires us to challenge ourselves and embrace new opportunities every day. To succeed, we have created a workplace that is equally dynamic where employees are challenged, respected and rewarded.

  • Priyabrata Kuanr
    Priyabrata Kuanr
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    IIT Kanpur Alumni. Extensive experience at Adobe, Target, Thomas White International Loves Algorithms, Dreams Technology, Builds Products Speaks Less

  • Kannan Ranganathan
    Kannan Ranganathan
    Chief Product Officer

    Home-grown Elon Musk with attitude for responsible success. Thinker. Reader. Explorer. Lawrence Krauss fan Cloud Infrastructure specialist with a Masters degree in Computer Communication and Networks Texas A&M University

  • Manish Shukla
    Manish Shukla
    Chief Technology Officer

    Another IIT Kanpur Alumni, with 18+ year experience in Industry. Has worked at Qwest, ThoughtWorks & Deserve. Adventure lover with Leadership qualities.

  • Shailesh Vaya
    Shailesh Vaya
    Chief Scientific Officer

    IIT Delhi alumni with PHD from University of California, LA. An Entrepreneur, Researcher & Multiple Patent holder with Experience at Xerox. He loves solving Puzzles.

  • Priyansha Bagaria
    Priyansha Bagaria
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Priyansha possess a unique combination of technical knowledge in AI/ML and years of experience managing complex cloud migration programs. Working in a global environment has given her the opportunity to travel across and build a business network in 30 countries, spanning industries like manufacturing, retail and FMCG. Priyansha is extremely passionate about women empowerment, entrepreneurship, fitness and fashion.

  • Ashwin Chandrasekar
    Ashwin Chandrasekar
    Chief Customer Officer

    Nothing excited Ashwin more than satisfied customer and delighted end users. Par excellence product thinker, innovator and strategist. When not working he can be found riding bikes, playing guitars or meditating.

  • Puia Chhakchhuak
    Puia Chhakchhuak
    UX Lead

    Self-learned, naturally curious, detail-oriented design genius. Digital products are the food for his soul. His passion drives his designs. Never without great music around him, he lives by integrity and accountability.

  • Sivaramakrishna H
    Sivaramakrishna H
    Lead Data Scientist

    IIT Madras alumni. Has past work experience at Ocwen Financial Solutions. Data Scientist by profession and Traveller by passion. He is a bookworm.