AI & ML is about making fast & accurate decisions

We help companies build applications that adapt to various business stimuli, with minimal manual intervention. we add intelligence to your systems enabling them to take decisions, decision that are faster and accurate, resulting in superior customer experience and competitive advantage.

NLP SolutionsComputer Vision SolutionsML & AI Solutions
Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) solutions

Natural Language Processing ( NLP ) solutions

  • Enable your systems,like a human does, to understand meaning from textual and visual content.
  • Transform customer experience by enabling machines to understand customer intent and sentiments.
  • Build advanced chat bots to improve customer engagements and deliver a uniform experience at lowered costs and risks.
  • Use NLP to gain competitive edge in market intelligence, advertising, merchandising and other business functions.
Computer Vision Solutions

Computer Vision Solutions

Enable your systems to develop the ability to observe, analyse and gather information & intelligence.

  • Identify/ predict component failures in machines
  • Entity attribute extraction - Generate product information from images
  • Identify customer emotions and sentiments
  • Computer vision based planograms
Bespoke ML and AI solutions

Bespoke ML & AI solutions

Use your data to identify patterns and trends across various business functions

  • Smart forecasting
  • Predicting impending risks / issues
  • Empowering data-driven business decisions

Inviz’s3-Fold Framework

Data Pre-processing

Data Preparation

Your decisions are only as good as your data. We add magic to your data by removing the noise and retaining the information that matters.

When to Apply What

Identifying Problem-Solution Fit

Using the appropriate tool to solve a specific problem reduces effort, minimizes resource utilization & delivers effective results. In business scenarios, these capabilities help us deliver effective solutions in a timely manner.

Performance Measurement & Retraining / Replacement

Solution Sustenance

Business environments change constantly. These changes introduce unpredictability that may make the solutions less effective. Hence ML and AI model re-training / replacement is necessary to ensure consistent business value delivery.

Business Value

  • Manufacturing

    Reduce costs and unplanned downtime while enhancing operational efficiencies

  • Retail

    Boost your sales by enhancing customer engagement and experience

  • Finance

    Leverage AI to prevent fraud, increase relevancy and personalization to reach more customers

  • Health Care

    Increase decision making ability for health practitioners and overall experience of the patience

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