Custom built applications to fit your every business need

We build high performing, feature packed web and mobile apps tailored for your business needs. With focus on increasing customer experience, our application development services help build applications that will engage and delight your users.

  • Design & Architecture

    Our research-based design & architecture approach ensures par excellence user-experience, which is aligned with your business needs

  • Development

    Inviz's development best practices ensure high quality code, effective product funcitonalities and performance.

  • Support

    Our Support servies ensure stability of the applications post development, across various staging in the product lifecycle

UI & UXAgileLean Principles


We play the dual role of artists and analysts when it comes to UI designing. Taking inputs from quantitative metrics, such as the end user usage, and qualitative metrics, such as surverys, inputs and feedback, we iteraatively build applicationsthat are visually appealing and functionally effective


We are hard core proponents of agile software development methodologies. We have embraced agile in the purest form and have made it a part of our DNA. We help companies adopt the agile way of thinking and build high performance teams, which can transforms the way product and tech teams collaborate.

Lean Principles

Lean thinking enables rapid product-market fit identification, by continuous experimentation and empirical decisions. Using these principles, we minimize risk, both interms of time and money, and maximize results, including customer engagement and other business outcomes

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