Futureproof your company by becoming a data driven organisation

At Inviz, we believe that truly functional data systems are those that not only caters to the existing requirements, but also to possible future needs. Keeping this in mind, we design enterprise architecture such that the most significant data points are captured and remain usable at scale for complex business requirements.

Inviz’s Data Management Services

  • Data Consulting

    • Identify key Business Areas that can benefit from data and analytics best practices.
    • Build the right data strategy including manpower & Infrastructure planning.
    • Develop roadmap for data strategy Implementation.
  • Data Platform

    • Estimate infrastructure requirements, and capacity planning.
    • Build customized data platforms for your business requirements.
    • Setup data governance & security best practices.
  • Data Applications

    • Building pipelines for data collection & storage from various sources.
    • Develop dashboards for analytics.
    • Develop data applications that enables data driven decisions.

Advanced Analytics

  • advanced analytics
  • We work with companies on building an end to end metrics dashboard.

    We focus both on what to measure & when to measure, starting from technology metrics all the way to business metrics, ensuring that there is continuous visibility, proper alert mechanisms, and the ability to identify levers that needs to be fixed in case some business function is not performing optimally.

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